1. What are LivingFuel SuperGreens and SuperBerry®?

·    LivingFuel SuperGreens and LivingFuel SuperBerry are foundational foods that provide the body with nutrient dense ingredients to allow the body to work at optimal levels.

·    LivingFuel is a complete meal replacement that can help optimize weight and help you achieve SuperHealth. It can also be used as a multi-vitamin complex when taking one scoop a day.

2. What is the difference between SuperGreens and SuperBerry®?

·    Besides taste, the difference is in the main foods. There are about 7 to 8 main foods in both. In SuperGreens, six of these foods are vegetable complexes such as broccoli, spinach, kale, carrot, barley grass and spirulina. In SuperBerry, four of these foods are berry complexes such as blueberries, strawberries, raspberries and cranberries.

·    SuperGreens is more alkaline forming due to the natural makeup of green superfoods and the SuperBerry has higher antioxidant levels due to the berry complex.

·    Both are phenomenal products that feed the body everything it needs to run at an optimal level. A full meal serving of LivingFuel is made up of two scoops of either flavor, or one of each to make one powerful SuperSmoothie.

3. Is one better than the other?

SuperGreens and SuperBerry are both filled with the proper nutrient dense foods to provide the body with the ultimate in nutrition. Both are nutrient dense, all natural, low-calorie and low glycemic. Both can be used in the exact same way and are a fantastic way to fuel your day. And try mixing the two together to get the advantages of both with each serving.

4. What's the difference between LivingFuel SuperBerry® Original and SuperBerry® Ultimate?

LivingFuel SuperBerry Ultimate (119,200 Total ORACfn per serving) contains additional organic fruit and berry extracts and other powerful nutrients resulting in a 21% higher antioxidant rating (Total ORACfn score) than SuperBerry Original (98,700 Total ORACfn per serving). SuperBerry Ultimate and SuperBerry Original are great broad-spectrum antioxidants and Ultimate is significantly better against peroyxl radicals. SuperBerry Ultimate has more resveratrol and other nutrients and also includes 200 mg per serving of Super Growth Factor Chlorella. Both products are designed to sustain life indefinitely.

5. How does LivingFuel taste?

Some people love the taste of SuperGreens with just water, while others take a little time getting used to it. Most people find SuperBerry a great way to start their Living Fuel Lifestyle Program, and typically drink it with only water or in a smoothie. Experiment with different Living Fuel Recipes and give yourself some time to get accustomed to the taste, texture, and color. Remember, SuperGreens gives you unequaled levels of vegetables, Krebs-cycle bionutrients, and botanical extracts. Many people, from babies to teenagers to seniors, who may have started out wrinkling their noses at SuperGreens, are now regular users. There’s no debate about one thing: you’ll love the way it makes you look and feel.

6. How do I get my kids to take LivingFuel?

We suggest that people start their kids on Living Fuel SuperBerry . Fix a smoothie with fruit or juice. Try unsweetened almond or rice milk. Our customers have confirmed that with children it just takes a little time and a little incentive to get them used to SuperBerry. Incentives can be an activity they enjoy, a favorite video or toy, money or—as a last resort—even a very small piece of a treat they love. Remember to reinforce good eating behaviors with praise and compliments. It is also important that you make their first smoothie taste good by using a smaller quantity of LivingFuel SuperBerry at first (sometimes token doses), more juice, and/or more fruit than you would after they’ve become accustomed to it. Over time, increase the Fuel and gradually wean them away from the juices and fruit. Some people like to use grape juice or blueberries to alter the color.

7. What about hunger?

If you get hungry within a couple of hours of taking a full serving of LivingFuel, it is likely that: 1) you are an athlete or Strong Protein Metabolic Type who may benefit from supplementing with 1–2 of tablespoons of coconut oil, Living Fuel CocoChia Bars, one or two raw organic eggs (or eat eggs separately) or both to the LivingFuel; or 2) your hunger pains may be due to thirst or because you have been conditioned to eat at certain times. Try drinking a large glass of fresh water when you feel hunger coming on, or try the option described in item 1 above. Also, bear in mind that often when you think you’re hungry, you’re really just reacting out of habit—your body is accustomed to eating or drinking certain things or at certain times of the day. The Living Fuel Fast is a great way to break such habits.

8. Can I use LivingFuel when I’m pregnant or nursing?

Yes. See What Does It Do?

9. Will LivingFuel interact negatively with other medications?

LivingFuel is foundational food for all blood types and metabolic types. If you have concerns about medication interactions, please consult your healthcare practitioner.

10. Super Essentials Omega upsets my stomach. What do I do?

People react differently to fish oil. Regular users have also reported that their GI tract becomes more adjusted to the fish oil over time. If you experience some indigestion, try taking Super Essentials Omega before you go to bed at night. It shouldn’t disturb your sleep, and by morning it will have worked its way through your system. You might also start with smaller doses until your body adjusts.

11. Why should I trust these products?

If you’re like most people, you’ve probably seen and heard it all when it comes to nutritional supplements, vitamins, energy bars, weight loss pills, and power drinks. Over-hyped and under-proven, it’s little wonder that the average consumer is skeptical and confused. We’ve put years of research into our products, and consulted with reputable nutritionists to make sure they are the safest and most complete and balanced on the market today. All of our products have been user-tested and approved by countless people, including those who specialize in nutrition and health. We use our products ourselves and stand behind them 100%. Although we are a profitable business, our primary aim is to educate and assist people in their efforts to become healthy. We are a Christian-based company that strives for excellence in all things.

12. Why is LivingFuel so expensive?

Our mission is to change people’s lives through outstanding nutrition. We are guided by the underlying principle that our customers' health and wellbeing come first. We give you full serving sizes packed with the highest quality nutrients. When used as a meal replacement, LivingFuel costs about $5.50 per serving for SuperGreens and $6.50 per serving for SuperBerry. If you bought the ingredients separately, it would likely cost as much as $15 per meal or more. For those who use LivingFuel as a nutritional supplement or body replenisher, the cost per serving is far less, as little as $2! Consider that you will be spending far less money on empty carbs and sugary snacks (those morning muffins and lattés really add up), and that you can stop buying all those other expensive supplements, snacks, and drinks. More than likely you’ll end up saving money each month, while realizing optimal health.

13. My digestive system seems to be changing. Could it be the LivingFuel?

Yes. LivingFuel improves the overall health of the digestive tract. While the intestines adjust to the nutrient density of LivingFuel, you may experience changes in digestion and elimination. If this occurs, we suggest taking smaller servings until the digestive system normalizes.

14. I feel so good after taking LivingFuel. What else should I eat?

LivingFuel can be a catalyst for changing your entire diet. See Guidelines for Optimal Health.

15. Can I actually live off LivingFuel (i.e. use it for all my meals)?

Yes. Numerous customers have lived off LivingFuel and our essential fatty acid supplements (Super Essentials Omega and/or Omega 3&E) for an extended period of time. The 7 Day Challenge is often the method people use to move from replacing one meal a day with LivingFuel SuperGreens and/or SuperBerry® to replacing all their meals daily (see The 7 Day Challenge) We also recommend you take CocoChia to meet all your nutritional needs.

16. When should I start feeling a change or difference?

In no time at all. See Feel Better Right Away.

17. Is LivingFuel SuperGreens just another green drink?

The typical "green drink" found at your local health food store or doctor’s office is a dietary supplement with small serving sizes. Green Drinks are not whole meals. Living Fuel is a true whole, raw, superfood meal replacement. It is not a dietary supplement.

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