Mindful Holiday Eating

Welcome to the Holiday season!  November marks the beginning of colder temperatures, neighborhood lights (and elaborate yard inflatables), parties, dinners, candies, cookies, pies and other tasty treats.  For those of us consciously striving for Super Health for ourselves and our families, the holiday season poses unique and often difficult challenges.  For example, how do I successfully navigate…

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Navigating School Lunches!

Here's today's "Week 5" lunch menu in the United States Federal Prison System, according to the official website of the Federal Bureau of Prisons:baked chicken, baked sweet potato, mixed greens, black beans 

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Super Health For Vegetarians

A close friend has recently chosen a vegetarian or strict vegan lifestyle. After just a couple of months, they report rapid weight loss and a feeling of overall good health. Could this dietary approach be your answer to health and wellness? Is it healthy or not? What does the research say? The popularity of veganism and vegetarianism is a proverbial double-edged nutritional sword.…

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