HealthAlert: Does Red Meat Cause Heart Disease?

  You’ve noticed that the past few times that you’ve eaten an apple, oddly enough your cat wants to go outside. Hmmm…. so, your apple eating causes your cat’s sudden urge for fresh air. Sound silly? Indeed it does! However, it is these types of sweeping correlation equals causation conclusions that pervade much of the recent media reports on studies looking at certain foods and nutrients…

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HealthAlert - Avoiding Heart Attacks and Strokes

The examination room is uncomfortably cold and the tissue paper on the exam table is sticking to the underside of your legs. You've waited impatiently for your doctor, who finally arrives and delivers sobering news from your routine physical and blood test. He tells you in no uncertain terms that you must make significant changes to your weight, diet, and lifestyle, or a heart attack, stroke, or…

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HealthAlert - Heart Health with KC & Dr. Smith

  Food is fun, but overeating can be extremely hard on your heart–especially if you are not as healthy as you would like to be. This is an urgent message that we hope you’ll forward to all your loved ones.   Food is an integral part of holiday festivities with the likes of roasted…

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