HealthAlert: The Hidden Evil of Halloween!

Immunity should be first and foremost in our minds this season of cold, flu and potential pandemic. Sugar is seemingly everywhere in society. Sugar is seemingly everywhere in society.  From "healthy" smoothies at the local gym to your favorite salad dressing, sugar is no longer the rare treat that it was just a generation ago.  Mountains of research clearly show that sugar suppresses the immune…

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Ebola Virus Protection

We continue today to share important insights into building your family's immunity to the Ebola virus, cold, flu and other illnesses. What can you do about it? Living Fuel Founder & CEO KC Craichy says there are natural therapies that have been shown to be extremely effective against all kinds of viruses. In today's LivingFuelTV program, KC shares insights he received from talking…

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School Student Health

Schools are designed as centers of learning and scholarship.  However, schools are often ground zero for harmful germs, viruses, and bacteria that can spread easily from student to student.  How do you arm your student with a strong immune system to ward off the flu virus spreading through the classroom?  In today's episode of LivingFuelTV,…

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