Frequently Asked Questions

The new label makes it look like Living Fuel contains artificial ingredients. Does it?

Absolutely not. It is understandable to think some ingredients are unnatural when you see scary sounding names such as 5-Methlytetrahydrofate (5 MTHF) or Methylcabolomin (B-12) on the label. However, those are simply the scientific names for the various super nutrients we use. We are not required to list the scientific names and most companies do not because they are NOT proud of the forms of ingredients they use. There is no food or supplement on the planet that can compare favorably with Living Fuel Super Meals from the perspective of nutritional profile or ingredient purity, potency and quality. In fact the nutritional gap between Living Fuel Super Meals and all other foods or supplements in existence is extreme. Living Fuel Super Meals are made from the highest-quality organic, non-GMO superfood ingredients and fortified with the most expensive and clinically validated forms of nutrients available. In many cases the cost of the nutrients we use is several times more than other companies pay for cheaper versions but the benefits are well worth the added cost. We know Living Fuel consumers are concerned about the quality of food they put into their bodies so we list our ingredients in the manner we do to demonstrate our commitment to producing the best product possible.

Do any of your ingredients come from China?

We do not use ingredients from China in any of our products. Our food suppliers are held to the highest standards to ensure every Living Fuel product is the absolute best in terms of quality, potency and safety.

How can I be assured Living Fuel does not contain heavy metals?

As an important part of our standard operating procedures, every batch of Living Fuel is manufactured in accordance with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and is independently tested and verified safe regarding heavy metals, microbiologicals, and other potential impurities by third party labs using international standards established by CODEX.

Living Fuel was among the first to sign on to the voluntary limits for heavy metals in rice protein proposed by Mike Adams and his Natural News Forensic food lab. "We believe that establishing voluntary industry agreed standards will naturally force the entire food chain to take this matter seriously and elevate their games in terms of purity of soil and water," Living Fuel Founder & CEO KC Craichy said. "The results can only be good for everyone."

What are Living Fuel SuperGreens and SuperBerry®?

Living Fuel SuperGreens and SuperBerry® are foundational foods that provide the body with nutrient dense ingredients to allow the body to work at optimal levels. Living Fuel is a complete meal replacement that can help optimize weight and help you achieve Super Health. It can also be used as a multi-vitamin complex when taking one scoop a day.

While many mass-produced nutritional products and supplements are created in a laboratory with synthetic ingredients and artificial sweeteners, you will never find anything artificial in Living Fuel products.

Living Fuel’s powdered products are made from non-GMO whole foods grown on a farm (almost exclusively organic) that are carefully reduced to a convenient, nutrient-dense mix that retains the natural potency of the food from its original form.

Why is Living Fuel so expensive?

In reality it’s not, especially when you compare what you get for you money from a nutritional standpoint. Food is expensive in general and Living Fuel is real food. But when you consider a full serving of SuperGreens is only $7.08 and replaces any meal and a counter top full of vitamin supplements, it’s a great value. That’s about the equivalent of a fancy drink at your favorite coffee shop.

If you try to replicate the nutritional potency of Living Fuel through other foods or with vitamins it will cost much more. A good quality multivitamin with the same potency will cost you almost the same amount but it will not contain the amazing array of enzymes, antioxidants, minerals, prebiotics, probiotics and amino acids of SuperGreens. Not to mention the fact that with SuperGreens you are also getting 30 grams of high-quality protein and 11 grams of fiber.

For those who use a smaller serving of Living Fuel as a nutritional boost or body replenisher, the cost per serving is even less, as little as $2! Consider that you will be spending far less money on empty carbs and sugary snacks (those morning muffins and lattés really add up), and that you can stop buying all those other expensive supplements, snacks, and drinks. More than likely you’ll end up saving money each month while realizing optimal health.

Remember that next time you are tempted to think SuperGreens is expensive. For $7.08 per serving, you are consuming a full meal, all of your daily vitamins, minerals, probiotics and more. If you are taking vitamin supplements alone, it will cost you more and you will still have to pay for breakfast.

Is Living Fuel SuperGreens just another green drink?

Not even close. The typical "green drink" found at your local health food store or doctor’s office is a dietary supplement with small serving sizes. Green drinks are not whole meals. SuperGreens is not a dietary supplement, it is a true whole, raw, superfood meal upgrade that is a whopping 69 grams of nutrient-dense power.

What is the difference between SuperGreens and SuperBerry ®

Besides taste, the difference is in the main foods. There are about 7 to 8 main foods in both. In SuperGreens, six of these foods are vegetable complexes such as broccoli, spinach, kale, carrot, barley grass and spirulina. In SuperBerry®, four of these foods are berry complexes such as blueberries, strawberries, raspberries and cranberries.

SuperGreens is more alkaline forming due to the natural makeup of green superfoods and the SuperBerry® has higher antioxidant levels due to the berry complex.

Both are phenomenal products that feed the body everything it needs to run at an optimal level. A full meal serving of Living Fuel is made up of two scoops of either flavor, or one of each to make one powerful Super Smoothie.

Is one better than the other?

The easiest answer is they are just different. SuperGreens and SuperBerry® are all natural, low-calorie, nutrient dense and low glycemic to provide the body with the ultimate in nutrition. Both can be used in the exact same way and are a fantastic way to fuel your day. You can try mixing the two together to get the advantages of both with each serving.

How does Living Fuel taste?

Some people love the taste of SuperGreens or SuperBerry® with just water, while it takes others a little time getting adjusting to the taste. Most people find SuperBerry a great way to start incorporating Living Fuel into their diet and typically drink it with only water or in a smoothie with ingredients like coconut milk or fresh fruit. Experiment with different Living Fuel Recipes and give yourself some time to get accustomed to the taste, texture, and color. Remember, SuperGreens gives you unequaled levels of vegetables, Krebs-cycle bionutrients, and botanical extracts. Many people, from babies to teenagers to seniors, who may have started out wrinkling their noses at SuperGreens, are now regular users. There’s no debate about one thing: you’ll love the way it makes you look and feel.

How do I get my kids to take Living Fuel?

We suggest that people start their kids on a SuperBerry® smoothie with fruit or juice. Try unsweetened almond or rice milk. Our customers have confirmed that with children it just takes a little time and a little incentive to get them used to SuperBerry. It is also important that you make their first smoothie taste good by using a smaller quantity of Living Fuel SuperBerry at first (sometimes token doses), more juice, and/or more fruit than you would after they’ve become accustomed to it. You can even add a scoop of frozen yogurt. Over time, increase the Fuel and gradually wean them away from the juices and fruit. Some people like to use grape juice or blueberries to alter the color.

What about hunger?

If you get hungry within a couple of hours of taking a full serving of Living Fuel, it is likely that: 1) you are an athlete or have a metabolic system that may benefit from supplementing with 1–2 of tablespoons of coconut oil, LivingProtein, CocoChia Bars, one or two raw organic eggs (or eat eggs separately) or both to the Living Fuel; or 2) your hunger pains may be due to thirst or because you have been conditioned to eat at certain times. Try drinking a large glass of fresh water when you feel hunger coming on, or try the options described in item 1 above. Also, bear in mind that often when you think you’re hungry, you may just be reacting out of habit—your body is accustomed to eating or drinking certain things or at certain times of the day. The Living Fuel Fast is a great way to break such habits.

Can I use Living Fuel when I’m pregnant or nursing?

Yes. In fact, it’s a great way to make sure you and your child receive amazing nutrition during this time of development.

What is the shelf life of Living Fuel Super Meals?

Living Fuel Super Meals (SuperGreens and SuperBerry® Ultimate) are shelf-stable and do not require refrigeration. We craft smaller, more frequent batches to maximize freshness. They enjoy a two-year shelf life, both opened and unopened. LivingProtein® has a shelf life of two years as well. The "Best By" dates on our products are actually best "sell by" dates and remain usable well past that date.

Will Living Fuel interact negatively with other medications?

Living Fuel is foundational food for all blood types and metabolic types. If you have concerns about medication interactions, please consult your healthcare practitioner.

SuperEssentials Omega upsets my stomach. What do I do?

People react differently to fish oil. Regular users have also reported that their GI tract becomes more adjusted to the fish oil over time. If you experience some indigestion, try taking SuperEssentials Omega before you go to bed at night. It should not disturb your sleep, and by morning it will have worked its way through your system. You might also start with smaller doses until your body adjusts.

Why should I trust these products?

If you’re like most people, you’ve probably seen and heard it all when it comes to nutritional supplements, vitamins, energy bars, weight loss pills, and energy drinks - over-hyped and under-proven. It’s little wonder that the average consumer is skeptical and confused. We’ve put years of research into our products and consulted with reputable nutritionists to make sure they are the safest and most complete and balanced on the market today. All of our products have been user-tested and approved by countless people, including those who specialize in nutrition, health and athletics. We use our products ourselves and stand behind them 100%. Although we are a for-profit business, our primary aim is to educate and assist people in their efforts to become healthy. We are a Christian-based company that strives for excellence in all things.

Can I actually live off Living Fuel (i.e. use it for all my meals)?

Yes. Numerous customers have lived off Living Fuel and our essential fatty acid supplements (SuperEssentials Omega) for an extended period of time. The 7-Day Challenge is often the method people use to move from replacing one meal a day with Living Fuel SuperGreens and/or SuperBerry® to replacing all of their meals. You can also add CocoChia for additional nutritional benefit.

When should I start feeling a change or difference?

While no two people are the same, most users notice a change right away in how they feel.

My digestive system seems to be changing. Could it be the Living Fuel?

Yes. Living Fuel improves the overall health of the digestive tract. While the intestines adjust to the nutrient density of Living Fuel, you may experience changes in digestion and elimination. If this is a problem for you, we suggest taking smaller servings until the digestive system normalizes.

If someone drinks FUEL with water, can they count that toward their drinking 8 glasses of water per day?

Yes. Drinking Living Fuel with water is a great way to increase your daily hydration.

Is it more optimal to take Living Fuel with a meal or hours between meals?

A lot of people take FUEL or a half of a FUEL and then have lunch. Similar to having a large salad then a meal. Perfectly fine unless there is significant digestive compromise. When digestion is not functioning well it can sometimes be better to separate foods that require more acid and foods that require less acid to digest. Another option is to take HCL and additional enzymes with blended meals. 

What is a micro fast or a micro meal?

A micro fast is when you seriously limit or eliminate altogether the macronutrients such as carbs, proteins and fats from your diet but still maintain high levels of micronutrient intake in the form of essential vitamins and essential minerals, essential trace-minerals essential amino acids, essential fatty acids, etc. This can be done for a single meal or for multiple meals while fasting. By doing so, you are able to give your body what it needs to thrive while dramatically reducing your calories.

Living Fuel has three products that will help you complete a micro fast. SuperEssentials® Micros is a superfood powder that contains all of the essential nutrients your body needs on a daily basis, but it contains almost no calories. Super Essentials® Aminos is a complete amino acids product that will allow you to maintain your muscle without requiring your body to break down a protein source. Both are mixed with water. And SuperEssentials® Omegas, the world’s most sophisticated antioxidant infused essential fatty acids gel caps, supplies your body with its daily needs for optimally balanced omega-3 fatty acids intake. You can use the combination of all three to replace any meal and maintain your energy with very few calories.

I have been told to avoid FODMAPs. Is it okay for me to consume SuperBerry® and SuperGreens?

FODMAPs (Fermentable Oligo-, Di-, and Mono-saccharides And Polyols (FODMAPs) are a classification of foods) they are sugars, sugar alcohols, and indigestible fibers that occur naturally in foods and — in some circumstances — can cause gut disruption.

For some people with digestive issues, these foods do not appear to be an issue and for others they can be.  The concept of avoiding offending foods till your body can better tolerate them is not new. FODMAPs is a unique grouping of carbohydrates/sugars that is believed to sometimes provoke digestive distress. 

Like a lot of things in nutrition, FODMAPs are a broad spectrum scale; people fall somewhere on the scale between full tolerance and full intolerance.

Living Fuel is designed to help the body heal the gut. Numerous people with digestive issues have had profound success using Living Fuel superfoods yet Living Fuel superfoods contain naturally occurring sugars, are low in sugar alcohols, and high in soluble fiber. 

FODMAP sugars require certain digestive enzymes to break down adequately and the absence of these enzymes can lead to digestive distress. These enzymes are designed into Living Fuel superfoods. 

We strongly believe, if well-tolerated, Living Fuel is a far better strategy to help restore gut health than FODMAP avoidance diets alone. 

Consider trying Living Fuel for one to two of your daily meals while avoiding FODMAPs at other meals. 

I noticed the Living Fuel labels have changed with ingredients listed in paragraph next to a Nutrition Facts table. Why the changes?

Living Fuel is classified as a food not a supplement and FDA rules now require the format you see today. We are working on creative and legal ways to communicate on our labels and on the website the extraordinary nutrition of Living Fuel within the required guidelines.

Why is my urine fluorescent yellow after drinking Living Fuel?

Living Fuel whole-meal superfoods (SuperGreens and SuperBerry® Ultimate) are an excellent source of food-based and water-soluble B vitamins. The bright color of your urine is indicative of your body naturally and effectively eliminating the excess B vitamins, particularly Vitamin B-2 (riboflavin) from the body. This is quite natural and harmless. Increasing your fluid intake along with your FUEL will dilute your urine color to a lighter shade.

Why does my SuperBerry® smoothie turn a brownish-color shortly after I mix the powder with water?

This is normal. The color change is a result of the rich complex of enzymes that are activated in water. The enzymes are doing their masterful work of preparing the foods in your FUEL for digestion, which is a great benefit to your digestive system.

It seems like the SuperGreens canister is not full. Am I getting the correct amount?

Supply chain issues in 2022 not only disrupted the production of SuperGreens but it prevented us from getting our normal packaging in time and we didn’t want to wait any longer before getting SuperGreens back on your countertop. The new container is taller which makes it look like you are getting less. However, the product is packaged by weight rather than volume so while the container looks less full, it has just the same amount of superfood goodness as before.

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