Living Fuel Mini Blender Bottle 20-oz
    Living Fuel Mini Blender Bottle 20-oz
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      Living Fuel Mini Blender Bottle 20-oz

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    The ideal accessory for your Living Fuel lifestyle!

    The durable, secure, sylish, and distinct 20-oz Living Fuel-branded Blender Bottle is BPA-free and perfect to mix and transport The Super Meal You Can Drink!  Fits perfectly in your hand, your gym bag, your briefcase or your car's cupholder!

    The unique pharmaceutical-grade stainless steel whisking ball beautifully blends your Living Fuel SuperGreens, SuperBerry, and/or LivingProtein SuperSmoothie with ease.  Take your Living Fuel 'on the go' by adding SuperGreens or SuperBerry powder to your Blender Bottle, then at mealtime, fill up with your favorite liquid base -  water, almond milk, coconut milk, juice, or a blend of your favorite.  Quick, easy, perfect!

    20-oz Blender Bottle is ideal for a single-scoop of Living Fuel SuperGreens or SuperBerry - a light meal, child's meal, or snack-size Living Fuel smoothie.

    Choose your favorite lid color (or colors) and note that the lids are interchangeable with each other and with the larger 28-oz Living Fuel Blender Bottle.

    Scoop, pour, mix and enjoy!  :-)
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