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Original CocoChia Bars (12 Bars)
    Original CocoChia Bars (12 Bars)
    Purchase Original CocoChia Bars (12 Bars)
    • SKU: CCBAR
      Original CocoChia Bars (12 Bars)

      Convenient, Tasty, and Guilt-Free Snack Bar

    • $35.97

      ★★★★★ ★★★★★ 14 Reviews (4.86/5)
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    CocoChia® Bars are a high-energy, healthy fats snack fuel made with natural, organic ingredients that offer real superfood nutrition in a convenient, high-fiber, non-dairy, gluten-free, low-calorie and low-glycemic bar. While they are perfect when traveling, after a workout or as an afternoon energy boost at the office, the truth is, you don’t need an excuse to indulge in this one-of-a-kind treat. You can enjoy CocoChia® Bars any time.

    formulated to:

    • Boost your energy
    • Satisfy your hunger
    • Improve digestion and elimination
    • Stabilize blood sugar and reduce cravings

    Our CocoChia® Snack Mix was so well received our customers started asking for it in a more convenient form. We responded with the CocoChia® Snack Bar! Unlike most of today's so-called energy bars that are high in sugar and offer little real nutrition, the CocoChia® Bar is the ultimate nutritious, tasty and energy boosting snack fuel and is ideal for athletes, dieters, and diabetics alike. It is rich in three powerful superfoods (coconut, chia seeds and almonds) and more.

    CocoChia® Bars contain NO

    • GMOs, irradiation, pesticides or herbicides
    • Soy protein, wheat or eggs
    • Gluten, milk or whey
    • Preservatives, fillers or hydrogenated oils
    • Artificial flavors or colorings

    Serving Size: 1 bar (1.7oz)

    Each box contains 12 single-serving bars.

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    ★★★★★ ★★★★★
    4.86/5 Stars out of 14 Reviews
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    Excellent bars!
    Rob Jarvis
    The first time I tried one of these bars was at the StrengthCamp Challenge in Tampa. I was competing and halfway through the competition I realized that I forgot to bring any food. Luckily KC was kind enough to bring a bunch of these bars and was giving them away for people to try. Normally I absolutely despise coconut so I was hesitant to try these but I was quite relieved and surprised to find that the coconut in the bar is a very fine texture and the taste is very subtle so it's not too overwhelming. I ended up having 2 of these bars and they gave me a very surprising amount of energy throughout the entire day. These are a great alternative to traditional energy bars that are on the market because they taste great but are all natural as well! I will not hesitate to buy these. Thank you KC!
    Muriel B Inabnet
    Heard This was Great!
    Nancy Pfeifer
    I see all the great ingredients but then...xylitol? Chicken to order these now...dogs are dropping dead since this ingredient was added to peanut butters recently. Is it really super safe for us humans?? Living Fuel --- Hi, Nancy. LivingFuel products are made with organic xylitol from hardwood trees. Much of the xylitol used in other products comes from non-organic corn (often GMO). The xylitol in LivingFuel products has been used by tens of thousands of people for almost 15 years with no reported problems. We have heard from many customers who sprinkle a small amount of SuperGreens or SuperBerry on food for their dogs with good results. Thank you for your question!
    Verified Buyer
    These Bars Are Great!
    My acupuncturist turned my teen onto these bars to eat during her mid afternoon school break. I cannot say how great they are and how much they've stabilized her sugar.
    Verified Buyer
    This Is So Great!
    I just received my Livingfuel yesterday. It is so good. I decided to try the Cocochia Bar. All I can say is this is so great. I will be placing my order for more today.

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