The 7-Day Challenge to Vibrant Health and Incredible Energy

How Will You Feel in 7 Days?

If you accept the Living Fuel 7-Day Challenge, you will find yourself on the threshold of vibrant health and incredible energy. In one week, Living Fuel will put you on a course of optimal nutrition that could change the rest of your life.

You will experience noticeable benefits of:

  • Increased energy
  • Reduced cravings
  • More stamina
  • Weight optimization
  • Clearer thinking
  • Overall feeling of wellbeing

The challenge begins with taking positive action to control your health and achieve a quality of life that most only dream about. The 7-Day Challenge consists of upgrading your daily meals in an increasing fashion from day one through day seven. We say upgrade instead of replace because the amazing nutrient density Living Fuel makes it better for you nutritionally than anything else you may have been planning to eat.

The 7-Day Challenge is designed to benefit anyone who wants to create a solid nutritional foundation based on high-quality superfoods. You will discover the ability to achieve your health goals and overcome cravings and addictions to sugar, caffeine and other unhealthy foods and beverages.

Regardless of where you live, how old you are or how busy the season, this is a perfect time to begin your personal journey towards Super Health and a renewed sense of vitality. Start today!

The 7-Day Challenge is as easy as 1-2-3

  1. Upgrade ONE of your meals to a Living Fuel Super Smoothie Meal for the first three days.
  2. Upgrade TWO of your meals to a Living Fuel Super Smoothie Meal for the next three days.
  3. Upgrade all THREE meals to a Living Fuel Super Smoothie Meal on day seven.

After your 7 Day Challenge is complete, continue to upgrade as many meals as you would like on your journey to Super Health. You may contact us directly for personalized recommendations and suggestions.

Super Smoothie Tips:

Initially, we recommend making your Living Fuel Super Smoothies in a blender. You can also use the handy and distinct Living Fuel BlenderBottle for taking your Super Smoothie on the go. Living Fuel Super Smoothies are made with 1-2 scoops of FUEL (SuperBerry Ultimate or SuperGreens). If you need more protein, you can also add a scoop of LivingProtein. Try unsweetened coconut or almond milk (50/50 ratio with water) for a creamier texture. Visit our Recipes Page for more smoothie suggestions.

Other Considerations:

  • Focus on consuming Smart Meals for your conventional meals (rich in clean protein and vegetables) – sample menu below
  • Drink plenty of spring or purified water and avoid drinks with sugar and/or alcohol
  • Get quality sleep
  • Manage and minimize unhealthy stress
  • Eliminate as many environmental hazards as possible
  • Incorporate meditation and prayer into your everyday life

Sample Meals:

  1. Eggs, free range and cage free (soft boiled or poached is best), lightly steamed asparagus, goat cheese, mixed green salad, cold pressed olive oil
  2. Steak, grass fed and hormone free, steamed broccoli, mixed green salad, cold pressed flax seed or olive oil, and a bowl of fresh organic strawberries
  3. Salmon baked and wild caught, small baked sweet potato, mixed green salad, olive oil and fresh organic tangerine
  4. Chicken breast, grilled and hormone free, small serving of brown rice and black beans, fresh salsa with organic tomatoes, avocado, and cilantro, and one half fresh papaya
  5. Turkey breast, roasted and hormone free, steamed green beans, a handful of fresh walnuts, mixed green salad with cold pressed olive oil and bowl of fresh raspberries.

 After the 7-Day Challenge

Add daily exercise resistance training (with or without weights) such as push-ups and squats. Add higher intensity exercise as your fitness level allows. This may be simply a brisk walk or climbing up several flights of stairs at a good pace. Discover an amazing home exercise program in Living Fuel Founder KC Craichy's book The Super Health Diet. The book also contains more information about the Four Corners of Superfood Nutrition, including grocery lists and and menus for smart meals.

This is also a great time to introduce more advanced nutrition techniques to your program such as Living Fuel SuperEssentials Aminos and SuperEssentials Omega.

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