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KC and Monica Craichy

What started as a mission to change one life has resulted in a global brand that has been changing countless lives around the world for more than 20 years. And at the root of it all is a classic love story.

When you truly care for someone you will go to great lengths on their behalf, especially when you know they are hurting.

That’s the position KC Craichy found himself in just a few short years into marriage with his beauty-queen wife, Monica. The former Miss Florida and Miss Florida USA was still a picture of health on the outside, but inwardly her battle with depression, panic attacks and suicidal thoughts made it so hard for her to function that many days she would not even get out of bed.

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They were desperate for help. Doctors put Monica on prescription drugs and recommended psychotherapy, but she did not like the way the medication was making her feel and KC did not like that it stripped his once vibrant wife of her zest for life.

“It didn’t take long for us to realize this was not the path we wanted to travel,” KC says. “We didn’t think it was the Lord’s will that Monica be a patient for life.”

KC was inspired to find answers. He thought a new approach to healthy living might hold the key based on his own personal transformation from an overweight teenager to a health-conscious, athletic adult.

He immersed himself in literature on nutrition, depression, panic attacks and other topics related to her condition. KC realized there was more than just a nutritional component to her recovery. He found seven key areas that kept coming up during his research: hydration, nutrition, exercise, stress, sleep, environmental hazards and meditation and prayer.

They realized Monica was deficient in all seven areas and with KC’s help was able to restore her balance and her health. It is those seven “Golden Keys” to experiencing abundant life that are the basis for KC’s two best-selling books, his philosophy on health and the foundation for the superfood nutrition company, Living Fuel.


During his research, KC started experimenting with different supplements and foods he purchased at various health-food stores. Through trial and error he found a combination that corrected Monica’s nutritional deficiency and put her back on the road to health. The trouble was it required a lot of effort and expense on his behalf to meet Monica’s daily nutritional needs.

Monica finally had her life back. Now she wanted her kitchen back. She looked at the counter top full of supplements and blenders and asked KC if he could do something about it. He vowed since no one else made the health-sustaining, whole food product he knew Monica needed he would produce it himself.

KC collaborated with some leading nutritional experts and developed what is now Living Fuel SuperGreens. He ensured that through the formulation every ingredient was the highest quality available, regardless of cost. He reasoned that even if no one else purchased his product, at least he would have a lifetime supply for his family.

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“I didn’t set out to create a business,” KC says. “When I developed SuperGreens, my goal was to create an incredible superfood product that my family and friends could enjoy. The concept of Living Fuel only came after the incredibly positive feedback I received.” 

Monica’s life changed, she had her kitchen back and Living Fuel was born. KC had the first shipment sent to his house and sold some to a friend the day it arrived. That also happened to be the same day their daughter, Grace, was born.

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Within one year Living Fuel had customers in all 50 states, all by word of mouth. Since that March date in 2002, KC and Monica have heard from thousands of people whose lives were changed as a result of the incredible whole-meal superfood known as Living Fuel.

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KC is the author of the best-selling book SuperHealth - 7 Golden Keys to Unlock Lifelong Vitality and the follow-up best-seller, The Super Health Diet: The Last Diet You Will Ever Need!. Monica also wrote a book of her own, The Perfect Words of Jesus Christ.

KC and Monica have five children and are sought-after speakers on the topics of nutrition, faith, life change and overcoming obstacles. They are on a mission to change lives through a natural approach to health that includes lifestyle, nutrition, fitness and spiritual awareness. 

For speaking availability, please email info@livingfuel.com, or call 866-580-3835.

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