The Dangers of Medical Radiation

Radiation is all around us and it has the potential to cause us harm as the lifetime load adds up. One area we have some measure of control is how much medical radiation to which we expose ourselves. There are safeguards and alternatives to help keep you safe. We have several resources below to help you learn more so you can protect yourself.

Medical Radiation with Dr. Patrick Purdue

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HealthAlert – Airplane Radiation

Reversing Radiation

Lethal Danger of CT Scans

By William Faloon
We tried everything… from pleading with arrogant physicians to providing irrefutable documentation to support our position. The response was always the same: we were “out of our minds” for suggesting that medical X-rays increase future cancer risks.

Our opposition could never substantiate that exposing healthy cells to ionizing radiation was safe. They did at one point rely on the Atomic Energy Commission, who claimed there were no dangers to low-level radiation exposure.

The Atomic Energy Commission was created to “manage the development, use, and control of atomic (nuclear) energy for military and civilian applications.” Like so many federal agencies, the priority was not to protect the public’s health. Instead this tax-funded bureaucracy (like the FDA) functioned to guarantee the economic success of the industries it regulated.

By ridiculing those who warned about the carcinogenic effects of X-rays, the federal government and medical establishment enabled companies making CT scanners (and other radiation devices) to earn tens of billions of dollars in profit, with Medicare and private health insurance picking up most of the costs. Click here to read more.

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