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The FUEL to Look Better, Feel Better and Live Better

couple joggingWhen I drink Living Fuel I know I am doing something great for my body. It gives me the energy to conquer the world.” That’s what JJ from Florida said after he started supercharging his daily nutrition with Living Fuel.

It you’re like JJ, you’ve come to realize what you eat has a direct impact on how you look and feel. Living Fuel has the potential to change your life; that's why we created it. But in order to better understand just how good Living Fuel is for you, it's important to understand the desperate circumstances that brought it about.

Your Health is Your Greatest Asset

Monica CraichyMonica's despair came out of nowhere and when it took hold there was seemingly no way to escape. She felt so bad that some days she couldn’t get out of bed. The one who used to be fearless on stage in front of thousands was suddenly bound to her room by an indescribable and inescapable fear. The tormenting thoughts about ending her life were very real and very scary.

This shouldn't be happening to someone who seemingly had everything going for them. After all, she was a beauty queen and looked like the picture of health. But things weren't right on the inside.

Thankfully, her life turned around in a remarkable way. It's a story you just have to hear because the lessons learned during her struggle, and the amazing line of products it led to, have blessed countless lives since then.

And yours could be the next life changed.

What About You?

Maybe your days are never as dark as Monica’s were. But do you ever feel blah, or depressed or low on ambition? Do you have to rely on caffeine or a 10 a.m. vending machine run just so you have the energy to get you through to lunch?

Maybe for you it's your weight. Do you step on the scale and wish you could regain control? Perhaps its your health. Are the issues starting to compound? Do you feel like your immune system is so weak you catch everything that’s going around?

It doesn't have to be that way.

There is Hope

If you are sick and tired of being sick and tired then it’s no accident you are on this page. This is your chance for a radical life change. You deserve to look better, feel better and live better. And it's within your reach.

But before you learn about the solution you need to understand how it came about.

The Love Story that Started it All

KC and Monica CraichyIf you have you ever cared for someone so deeply you would do anything for them, then you know how agonizing it can be when that person is hurting. That’s the position KC Craichy found himself in just a few short years into marriage with the woman of his dreams.

His wife, Monica, the former Miss Florida and Miss Florida USA was still a picture of health on the outside, but inwardly her battle with depression, panic attacks and suicidal thoughts made it so hard for her to function that many days she would not even get out of bed.

The Situation Looked Bleak

KC and Monica were desperate for help. Doctors did not understand the cause of the problem so they sought to treat the symptoms. They put Monica on prescription drugs and recommended psychotherapy. She did not like the way the medication was making her feel and KC did not like that it stripped his once vibrant wife of her zest for life.

It didn’t take long for us to realize this was not the path we wanted to travel,” KC says. So he decided to take the lead and look for a solution instead of relying on the advice of the doctors that wanted to make her a patient for life.

In Search of Truth

KC was inspired to find answers. He thought a new approach to healthy living might hold the key based on his own personal transformation from an overweight teenager to a health-conscious, athletic adult.

He immersed himself in literature on nutrition, depression, panic attacks and other topics related to her condition. Ultimately, KC realized that nutrition played a critical role in her recovery.

He experimented with different supplements and foods he purchased at various health-food stores to improve Monica's wellbeing. Through trial and error he found a combination that corrected her nutritional deficiencies and put her back on the road to health. The trouble was it required a lot of effort and expense on his behalf to meet Monica’s daily nutritional needs.

Living Fuel is Born

super greensMonica finally had her life back. Now she wanted her kitchen back. She looked at the counter top full of supplements and blenders and asked KC if he could do something about it. He vowed since no one else made the health-sustaining, whole-food product he knew Monica needed he would produce it himself.

KC collaborated with some leading nutritional experts and developed what is now Living Fuel SuperGreens. He ensured that through the formulation every ingredient was the highest quality available, regardless of cost. He reasoned that even if no one else liked his product at least he would have a lifetime supply for his family.

Imagine This…

girl drinking smoothieImagine if there were a single food that could so nourish your entire body that you would not need your supplements.

Imagine if this food was so delicious you could not wait until meal time.

Imagine if it so supported your immunity you rarely got sick.

Imagine if this food so supported your cardiovascular system you felt young again.

Imagine if this food reinvigorated you so much you could start exercising and accomplish your health goals.

Imagine if this food could help you reach your ideal body weight. 

Imagine if this food could reverse signs of aging so much your friend will ask you what you are doing to your hair, skin and nails. 

Imagine if this food could so improve your sleep you wake up feeling ready for the day. 

Imagine if this food could so improve your mental clarity and focus you were sharper and could do more work in less time. 

Imagine if this food could so improve your digestion and elimination you became youthfully regular. 

Imagine if this food made you feel so energetic and healthy you could conquer the world. 

You don’t have to imagine anymore. It’s all possible with Living Fuel.

Helping Others and Changing Lives

living fuel being deliveredI didn’t set out to create a business,” KC says. “When I developed SuperGreens, my goal was to create an incredible superfood product that my family and friends could enjoy. The concept of Living Fuel only came after the incredibly positive feedback I received.” 

Living Fuel has been changing lives for more than 15 years and KC has never stopped in his pursuit of nutritional excellence. He keeps Living Fuel Super Meals at the forefront of the meal replacement industry by continually improving the formula as new nutritional research studies are released and new truths are discovered.

Sharing the Answer

Now you can take advantage of KC's 15+ years of expertise in the superfood nutrition industry. We make it easy for you to eat healthy with the most nutritionally complete, whole-meal smoothie powders available anywhere at any price. And you can rest assured it’s safe for your entire family because it’s created from only the highest-quality ingredients from the most-trusted sources.

We understand you just want to do what's best for you and your family when it comes to healthy food choices. But it's not always easy. In fact, it can be downright frustrating because of confusing marketing messages and competing truth claims from companies and medical professionals.

Make no mistake, there is no other product that even comes close to giving you the energy and nutritional boost of a Living Fuel Super Meal. And it's not humanly possible to eat enough food in one sitting to equate to what you get in one of these delicious smoothies.

Providing Your Body What it Needs

couple jogging

If you are tired of the broken promises of inferior products, fad diets and weight loss products that only leave you lighter in the wallet and low on energy then this is your chance to experience a stunning transformation with lasting results.  

This is what Luna said of her Living Fuel experience: "I LOVE the SuperGreens product and am very happy I found it. My overall health has changed greatly.

Actually, I recently had a very comprehensive blood screening done by my employer (a free perk) and I believe my score of 98 out of 100 is greatly due to my daily routine of SuperGreens. My hair, skin, nails, energy and etc. are stronger than ever."

Here’s Why

God designed the human body to have abundant energy. But you won’t experience it until you learn the secret of eating what your body needs. Much of what we eat today only fills our stomachs but leaves us starving nutritionally and unable to live the vibrant life we desire.

That’s why we created Living Fuel Super Meals. Living Fuel has all the nutrition your body needs and more. With protein, fiber and more than 90 vitamins and minerals it’s more than a meal, it’s a Super Meal. Living Fuel customers have lasting energy from real food and tell us all the time they look better, feel better and live better as a result.

leafy greensHow Do We Do It?

We start with organic and all-natural green superfoods like broccoli, spinach, kale, spirulina and others as well as brightly colored fruits like strawberries, raspberries, cranberries and blueberries and carefully reduce them to a whole-meal powder that gives your body what it craves.

Living Fuel is loaded with clean plant protein and optimized levels of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, enzymes, fiber, prebiotics and probiotics so you can achieve super health with real food.

man with big bellyDon’t Let Things Get Worse

The power to change your life resides within you, but it won’t happen automatically. We did the hard part by taking the most powerful superfoods available and putting them in an easy-to-eat form.

But if you don’t take a step in the right direction, things will continue to spiral downward. The first thing you need to do is make the decision today is the day you are going to take control of your health.

This Is What Most People Do

woman eating donut

Eating a good breakfast is one of the most important things you can do for your health, but mornings can be hectic and settling for what is quick or convenient is what most people do.

Unfortunately, “breakfast foods" such as doughnuts, sausage, bacon, fried potatoes, sugar-laden cereals, and a long list of white flour-based, nutritionally-empty items like bagels, muffins, pancakes, and waffles are common. Even if you make a “smarter” choice and go for whole-wheat, high-carb foods will start you down the wrong road for the day nutritionally.

And skipping breakfast is not the answer either. That’s something Japanese sumo wrestlers do every day as a technique to gain weight.

Here’s The Simple Solution

SuperBerry smoothieIt’s no exaggeration to say, “If you change your breakfast you will change your life.” There are plenty of smarter choices to make than skipping breakfast or resorting to what is marketed today as breakfast food. And many, like a Living Fuel Super Smoothie, take little time to prepare.

A breakfast high in clean protein and healthy fats is a great start. It will give you plenty of energy, curb your cravings and sets a foundation for good food choices for the rest of the day.

It's as simple as mixing two scoops of powder with water in a shaker bottle and you are on your way. Or you can get creative and use a blender to make a super smoothie with water or coconut milk and your favorite fruits or vegetables. The recipe combinations are endless.

C.J. says this about Living Fuel for breakfast, "What a great life-saver smoothie! I'm so happy to have the equivalent of a meal (albeit that you drink it in 10 seconds!) instead of resorting to an apple, or nothing, which is usually what I end up doing when I'm dashing. Thank you so much for creating this knock-out product!"

What If?

Have you ever felt like you didn't want to get out of bed? What if, instead of dragging yourself out of bed to fearfully face another day without the strength you need, you could quickly FUEL up and be ready to tackle any challenge you might face? It’s possible when you have an easy option that gives you the proper nutrition your body is craving.

Imagine how much more energy you would have and how that would affect your outlook on the day. How much more productive could you be?

It Worked for Sue

This is what she said: "I am a 48-year-old woman who, until recently, felt like an 88-year-old woman. A few weeks ago a friend called me and raved about Living Fuel. I can tell you that she's not the type to promote something unless it's really great.

By nature and profession I am a skeptic. I am also addicted to sugar. I cannot remember a day going by in my entire life that did not include at least one of the following: cake, cookies, pastries, ice cream, and/or candy (always washed down with diet soda). So, when I placed the order, I did it with a sense of resignation that this is just another diet that won't work.

halloween candyOn October 30th, the container of Living Fuel arrived. As any lifelong dieter will say, you never start a diet in the middle of a day. So, the next day was D-Day for me. That day also happened to be Halloween, a true test. I was setting your product up for complete failure.

In the morning, I made my first LF smoothie (adding a banana, three ice cubes, and two tablespoons of agave). I then spent the entire day waiting for it to not work.

I awaited my daily sugar craving at 10 a.m. but instead I found myself still full from the Living Fuel smoothie. After a salmon lunch my co-workers passed around the Halloween goodies, but for some reason I had no interest.

Why, oh, why is this working??? I really wanted it to fail, just like every diet before, especially on the holy day of chocolate and candy corn.

When I got home, I prepared the candy baskets for the oncoming trick-or-treaters. Now picture this: I'm home, alone, in my comfy clothes, with two full buckets of fabulousness.

To my surprise, not one piece of candy called my name. I ate a protein and vegetable dinner and no candy (nor any sweet, for that matter) passed my lips.

It's been that way for 12 straight days now. Thank you so much for making this incredible product. You have truly brought me back to life." - Sue A., New York

It Can Work For You

If the only thing you got from a Living Fuel Super Meal was a high-protein, high-fiber start to the day it would be worth it.

If the only thing you got was an antioxidant boost that gave your body ammunition to fight disease it would be worth it.

If the only thing you got was more than a day’s worth of vitamins and minerals it would be worth it.

If the only thing you got was a healthy dose of beneficial digestive enzymes and gut-friendly prebiotics and probiotics, that alone would be worth it.

Amazingly, you get all of that and more for only $6.25 per serving with Living Fuel SuperGreens.

If you make a drive-thru run for breakfast and choke down some vitamins to supplement what you are missing it will probably cost you even more and you will still be heading to a vending machine for a snack before lunch.

Simon Looked at it Logically

After realizing how great Living Fuel was for him and excitedly sharing it with his friends, this is what Simon told us, "If people would just add up what they spend on entertaining their stomachs with - alcohol, eating out, etc. and the cost of the prescription drugs they take to combat the consequences they would see it is far more affordable to by Living Fuel products and have no more health issues. A colleague at work found he could drink SuperBerry Ultimate every day for lunch and cut his lunch costs by 66%, plus he will be much healthier as well."

supergreens smoothie

The World’s Most Nutritious Meal

Why do we say Living Fuel is the World’s Most Nutritious Meal? Because it is!

When you consider all of the amazing nutritional goodness packed into just one Living Fuel Super Meal, you can see that any meal you replace with Living Fuel is actually a meal upgrade. There is no other product that even comes close to matching the nutritional profile of a Living Fuel Super Meal.

People often ask, “How does Living Fuel compare with other greens drinks?” The truth is you can’t really compare a greens drink with the greens buffet that is Living Fuel.

That would be like comparing an NFL football team with your local high school team. They both play the same sport, but there is a big difference in terms of size, strength and ability.

Lina told us, "This is hands down the best greens protein shake on the market. I've tried SO many of the top products and can say with confidence this delivers the best results--for recovery, detox, cleansing, energy...just generally feeling good!

Living Fuel's SuperGreens always picks me up and gives me so much energy and focus. Thank you guys so much for this incredible, high quality amazing product. I literally crave it I love it so much."

How Good is it?

It would take a team of organic chefs to create a meal with the nutritional potency of just one Living Fuel Super Smoothie. And even if you could afford it, you would not have enough room in your stomach to hold all of the food.

With LivingFuel, you get all the nutritional benefits in a calorie-restricted format (only 290 calories). It’s just what you need to increase your energy and optimize your weight.

Don't Just Take Our Word

Renia says, "I'm a huge fan of Living Fuel. Thank you for making such an awesome product. After "experimenting" this year with other "meal replacements" nothing comes close to this product. So I'm done "experimenting". I love this product so much I wanted to share this story."

What's in the World's Most Nutritious Meal?

SuperBerry smoothie

  • More metabolism-boosting and body-sculpting protein than a half dozen organic egg-whites (30 g)
  • More body-slimming and appetite-controlling fiber than two bowls of organic steel cut oatmeal (11 g)
  • More immune-enhancing Vitamin D than ten fillets of arctic fish (1,000 IU)
  • More mood-boosting Vitamin B-12 than 50 servings of raw organic cheese (300 mcg)
  • More free radical destroying Vitamin E than one pound of raw organic almonds (120 IU)
  • More bone strengthening calcium than two glasses of organic whole milk (450 mg)
  • More heart healthy potassium than four organic bananas (1,124 mg)
  • More energy producing vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients than ten fresh organic green salads
  • More healthy antioxidants than ten bowls of fresh vine-ripe organic berries
  • More brain-building Omega-3 than two cups of organic edamame
  • More youth-enhancing resveratrol than four glasses of red wine
  • More gut-beneficial prebiotics and probiotics than 6 servings of yogurt (7.5 billion live organisms)
  • More digestive enzymes than three whole organic papayas (155 mg)
  • More stress relieving Vitamin C than seven oranges (517 mg)

Living Fuel ProductsLiving Fuel Is

  • The most nutrient-dense and most potent broad-spectrum anti-oxidant, anti-aging food on the market
  • A single food that is designed to support and enhance every major body system including genes, cells and organs
  • A single food that enhances energy levels, weight optimization, sleep, immunity, hair, skin, nails, vision, digestion & elimination
  • A single food that promotes cellular function, overall health, wellness & disease prevention
  • The only meal that is low calorie, nutrient-dense, high-antioxidant and low glycemic with healthy fats and ideal levels of protein and fiber
  • The only meal that delivers ideal levels of micro-nutrition essential vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and phytochemicals

Ditch Your Supplements

man taking supplementsWe commissioned a study of major US and EU Nutrition Databases and reviewed thousands of research journal articles to create the new, scientifically valid concept of Ideal Daily Values and applied this leading-edged information to Living Fuel Super Meals.

We wanted to know what people actually needed to thrive instead of relying on the RDA (Recommended Daily Allowance), which is the previously established standard that only helps you avoid certain diseases. Ideal Daily Values are levels that have been proven through research to promote optimal health.

With Living Fuel you can ditch your supplements and get what your body needs from real food. Think about how much money that will save you.

Each serving of SuperGreens contains 30 grams of optimized plant protein, 11 grams of gut enhancing fiber with prebiotics and probiotics and enhanced levels of all 53 essential nutrients as well as other beneficial vitamins and minerals, essential fats, enzymes, co-enzymes, herbs and botanical extracts.

"No Better Product on the Market"

Davis is so excited about Living Fuel he sent us a note saying, "There's no better product on the market. I am a competitive 41 year old triathlete and as such my body requires superior nutrition. In searching for the best possible product available I discovered Living Fuel through a friend who has been in the nutrition industry and has been a health fanatic for about 10 years.

His advice to me was that there was no better product on the market at any price than Living Fuel and for me to give it a try. I have been using Living Fuel for 2 months now and have dropped a previously very stubborn 16 pounds while dramatically improving my overall energy level and feeling of well-being and significantly improving my performance level and race times.

I am confident that Living Fuel is the reason for this and I wholeheartedly recommend this product to everyone I meet. I have also been able to discontinue taking about $5 per day worth of supplements because all of the ingredients are in Living Fuel. This makes it an incredible value. This is a wonderful product that delivers what the body needs!"

In a Perfect World

organic foodIt would be great if you could get all of your essential nutrients through “regular” food instead of freeze-dried organic fruits and vegetables. But conventional farming methods and poor soil conditions through lack of crop rotation mean trace elements our food would normally have are missing.

Part of the reason for America’s obesity epidemic is we are overfed and undernourished. We overeat in a lot of instances not because we are hungry but because our bodies are craving the nutrients we are not getting. We keep eating in hopes of meeting that need.

We formulated Living Fuel to have exactly the right amount each ingredient necessary for your benefit.

Since we have the ability to super concentrate our nutrition through modern food preservation technology, why not take advantage of this opportunity?

Support Your Body from Head to Toe

You will experience a tremendous boost in energy, immunity and cellular regeneration with each of these delicious, ready-to-mix powders that can be used as an upgrade for any meal or as a super-healthy liquid supplement blast. Living Fuel gives you an exceptional nutritional foundation from which to feel and perform your very best. It satisfies your cravings and keeps you full between meals.

Kathleen told us, "Living Fuel has totally changed my immunity and body chemistry in the last 2 years. Allergies, illnesses, bruises and cuts heal within a day, my Meniere’s disease is 100% controlled and basically nonexistent, my body now works like a machine. My husband has been on it now for about 4 months.

This is the first allergy season where he didn't have a chronic cough since we moved to Tampa. I have so many tangible examples, it's ridiculous.

I use the greens every a.m. in a shake I eat for breakfast and it's part of my daily life. There are so many nutrients that my body needs and wants from the shake, that when I don't have my shake, my stomach growls and growls, even if I've had more calories than the shake generally provides.

My body is like a machine and it tells me it needs the nutrients if it doesn’t get it - it's so crazy!!!!"

Don’t Let This Happen To You

overweight man with doctorSaying you will wait until tomorrow to start eating better makes it more likely you will have less tomorrows to live. If you’ve gotten this far down the page, you realize what you are reading could change your life - just like it has for the ones who have written to us and the thousands of other FUELers that are enjoying newfound vitality.

But don’t wait until things get worse before adding Living Fuel to your daily routine.

The farther you stray from the healthy life you were meant to live, the longer the journey it will take to get back. And if you wait too long there are no guarantees you will get back at all. Some chronic diseases are not reversible.

How Long Does it Take?

It’s not uncommon for people to notice a change in their energy levels right away. This is what G.S. said, “The very first time I tried Living Fuel was when my wife and I traveled to Hawaii. Words cannot describe how fantastic the taste is and the results of going non-stop on our first serving. Eight hours!! Truly & completely awesome!!!"

While not everyone responds that fast, we hear stories like that often. Depending on your current health, it may take a couple days to adjust to the massive boost in nutrition. If that’s the case you can start with one scoop, or even a half scoop, instead of the full two-scoop serving while you adjust.

The Living Fuel 7-Day Challenge

super greensIf you jump in with both feet it will only take 7 days to revolutionize your life. The 7-day challenge involves substituting one meal per day with a Living Fuel Super Meal for the first three days.

The second three days you substitute two meals and on the 7th day you make all three meals a Living Fuel Super Meal.

After that you decide how many meals you want to replace with Living Fuel. You will feel so good you won’t want to go back to your old habits of eating.

This is what C.Y. from Florida said after just 7 days on Living Fuel. “My wife and I took the 7 Day Fuel Fast Challenge and we were amazed...we have more energy, have lost weight and feel much better than we have in years. Thanks Living Fuel!

Not Convinced Yet?

It’s understandable to be skeptic, especially in this age of inflated product claims.

Listen to what DC had to say. “Living Fuel is nothing short of a miracle!!!! From the first time I tried the SuperGreens I immediately felt such a huge improvement in my health physically & mentally.

Thank you guys @ LivingFuel sooo much for providing this life-changing superfood, I know Living Fuel certainly has changed mine."

It Really Works

TC echoes the sentiment of many FUELers when he says, “I just want to mention that ordering Living Fuel products and using them on a daily basis is one of the best things I've ever done for myself.

I feel so much better on the inside, and no longer desire to eat all the junk food I used to love. I cannot go more than two days without mixing up a shake because my body craves the nutrients!” It’s that simple.

crossroads signYou Are Standing At The Crossroads

Which direction will you go? Choose wisely because the decision you make will impact the rest of your life.

You can join the thousands who have found a new way eating and move closer achieving the super health you desire by starting your day with the superfood nutrition and energy-boosting power of Living Fuel.

Or you can stay with the millions who live in poor health, struggling from day-to-day with low energy and excess weight. Living Fuel is the right choice to make.

Here’s Where You Start

girl with smoothieNow that you are convinced Living Fuel is for you, the next step is to select the flavor of your choice: SuperGreens, SuperBerry® Original and SuperBerry® Ultimate.

They all contain the same foundational nutrition but are formulated from different ingredients to please different tastes and come at different price points.

These gluten-free, low-glycemic, nutrient-dense and calorie-restricted powders are made from a blend of superfoods foods picked at the peak of freshness.

  • Boost your energy, vitality and mental clarity
  • Enhance your immunity
  • Improve digestion and elimination
  • Stimulate your metabolism
  • Increase muscle and bone density
  • Stabilize blood sugar and reduce cravings

Living Fuel ProductsHow Much More Energy Will You Have?

There is only one way to find out. This is your chance to supercharge your nutrition and experience the life of energy and vitality you desire.

Start looking, feeling and living better by FUELing your body with the Living Fuel Super Meal of your choice today! It's not carried in stores so click an image below to make your selection and begin your own personal transformation.