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      SuperBerry® Ultimate

      Supercharge Your Body with Antioxidant Power

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    Experience a tremendous boost in energy, immunity and antioxidant power with the new and radically improved SuperBerry® Ultimate. Based on the new standard of Ideal Daily Values,which are levels that have been deemed vital to promote optimal health, this powerhouse meal upgrade smoothie mix combines concentrated superfoods and nutrients from the highest quality organic and natural sources to give you an exceptional nutritional foundation that helps you feel and perform your very best. There is no other smoothie mix that even comes close to the nutritional profile of LivingFuel and it's not humanly possible to eat enough food in one sitting to equate.

    Ditch your supplements and get what your body needs from real food. Built on the concept of CRON (Calorie Restriction with Optimal Nutrition), SuperBerry® Ultimate has optimized levels of all 53 essential nutrients and more than 90 total health-boosting vitamins and minerals when you add in the dozens of conditionally essential nutrients present. But a full serving is only 320 calories.

    Each serving contains 30 grams of plant protein, 10 grams of fiber, 5 grams of sugar and 31 grams of carbohydrates.

    SuperBerry® Ultimate has the same concentrated sources of vitamins, minerals, proteins, essential fats, enzymes, co-enzymes, herbs, botanical extracts, and soluble plant fibers as the original LivingFuel SuperGreens. But instead of greens, each serving of this superfood powder contains more than 1/2 cup of antioxidant-packed whole organic berries, including blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, and cranberries.

    SuperBerry® Ultimate is formulated to:

    • Boost your energy, vitality and mental clarity
    • Enhance your immunity
    • Improve digestion and elimination
    • Stimulate your metabolism
    • Increase muscle and bone density
    • Stabilize blood sugar and reduce cravings

    It's like the Fountain of Youth

    Living Fuel, The Super Meals You Can Drink, are one-of-a-kind whole-meal superfoods expertly crafted to deliver the most essential qualities of many of the best-known foods in nature in a single meal. They the only whole-meal smoothie powders formulated to help your body combat all four pillars of disease and aging: inflammation, oxidation, glycation and angiogenesis.

    Why berries?

    Berries are nature's powerhouse fruit. They taste great and are densely packed with antioxidants, phytochemicals, and flavonoids. They are also high in fiber (which helps protect against colon cancer, regulates blood sugar levels, and lowers your risk of heart disease), as well as Vitamin C, (which aids in fighting off foreign invaders, neutralizing pollutants, and is vital in the production of collagen, essential for cartilage, joint, and skin health). Berries are also relatively low in sugar, so they won't stimulate insulin swings when eaten in moderation.

    Studies show that eating cranberries and blueberries leads to higher levels of a flavonoid, called quercetin, in the blood. Quercetin is a powerful antioxidant that may protect against cardiovascular disease and possibly cancer. Also, antioxidant compounds in blueberries, strawberries, and blackberries may fight arterial disease by preventing the oxidation of LDL (“bad”) cholesterol. Different berries contain different levels of nutrients and are more beneficial for certain types of illnesses, which is why we include an assortment of berries in LivingFuel SuperBerry® Ultimate.

    What's the difference between LivingFuel SuperBerry® Original and SuperBerry® Ultimate?

    SuperBerry® Ultimate contains additional organic fruit and berry extracts and other powerful nutrients resulting in higher levels of broad-spectrum antioxidants and a 14 percent higher ORAC rating (ORAC5 408,071 compared to 358,097). SuperBerry® Ultimate has higher levels of phytochemicals, amino acids, probiotics, nucleotides, herbs and sea greens (chlorella and spirulina). Both products are designed to sustain life indefinitely.

    SuperBerry® Ultimate contains NO:

    • GMOs, irradiation, pesticides or herbicides
    • Added sugar, soy protein or wheat
    • Gluten, yeast or milk
    • Whey, eggs, nuts, or maltodextrin
    • Preservatives, fillers or hydrogenated oils
    • Artificial flavors or colorings

    Each BPA-free container of SuperBerry® Ultimate contains 12 complete 2-scoop meals and up to 24 servings when used as a 1-scoop light meal to enhance your nutrition.

    Serving Size: 2 scoops (80 grams)

    Click here to download the ingredients list

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    ★★★★★ ★★★★★
    4.96/5 Stars out of 45 Reviews
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    Verified Buyer
    Profound Change in My Body
    As I write this at 11:29 AM, I am compelled to state the profound change that has occurred in my body since ingesting 12 liquid ounces of this seemingly miracle food. Energy: I am a caffeine addict who has had to balance drinking coffee with how I can function productively in between bathroom breaks. I have had no coffee since taking Living Fuel and as I sit at a seminar with high end ideas, I find myself in state of calm alertness understanding every word spoken by an Author who is #1 on Amazon at this moment. Fullness: I am not hungry and feel my body is operating at optimum efficiency. Normally I would have dips in blood sugar levels and I would often put out the small mid morning hunger fire with carbs, only to be tired a while later. I am not hungry at all. Sense of well being: Move over caffeine- I feel better than you made me feel. I feel bizarrely happy. As a former drug addict - I know when I like a good feeling. Thankfully- I can keep this and know I actually helping myself. Full, energized, happy. Oh- and with the lower calories taken, I expect to lose weight. KC- put me down for satisfied customer and let's set up a shipping plan so I am never Jonesing for Living Fuel going forward. Thank YOU! It's too early to say for certain but I believe you just changed my life.
    I LOVE Your Products
    So many good products that start out well sell out to large manufactures. Please do not sell your company to a manufacturer who will not care about the vision you have created. I LOVE your products, they are the only ones that I have used that have helped me. I've grown weary of good products selling to large corporate manufacturers. I would be sick if that happened to this product. Keep up the awesome work that you do with such an amazing product.
    Verified Buyer
    Thank You for This Incredible Product
    Thank you for your gift of this incredible product, Living Fuel, that is doing the job for dad, that is keeping him full and provides all the nutrients he needs.
    Verified Buyer
    Living Fuel is Both Convenient and Healthy
    When I'm on the go, traveling, or need a quick pre or post workout snack, it can be tough to find something that is both convenient and healthy. Bars, sports drinks and gels tend to be sugary and full of preservatives, and real food like sandwiches or wraps can be time-consuming to make or tough to digest during exercise. When I discovered SuperBerry and SuperGreens, I knew my problem was solved. Not only does this stuff have everything my body needs to fight the high amounts of free radicals I generate from my Ironman training, but it also tastes fantastic and contains nutrients that actually support my immune system, my skin, my gut and more! SuperBerry and SuperGreens should be in every traveler's carry-on bag, every exerciser's gym bag and every health-conscious person's pantry. Cheers! Ben
    Verified Buyer
    Huge Fan of Living Fuel
    I'm a huge fan of Living Fuel. Thank you for making such an awesome product. After experimenting this year with other meal replacements nothing comes close to this product. So I'm done experimenting. I love this product so much I wanted to share this story. I have had a friend for 10 years who is morbidly obese and diabetic. We happen to work together and one day when I made my smoothie at work I gave her a sample to try. She is not a blended drink fan but she liked it. She asked a lot of questions which I had information about because you guys have so much information about your product and about nutrition. A few days later after I showed her the website she asked if she could borrow enogh powder for the 7 day challenge. One weak later she is a customer of yours now. I think it's amazing that this woman who has been struggling for so long has found you. I thank you for perhaps helping my friend find a nutritious path in life. She, in turn, is talking to other womean she has known for over 30 years who share her weight struggles. It's awesome to watch, awesome to participate in, and God is good for using me as a vehicle to bring more conscousness to the importance of nutritions to those who are in need of it the most. Keep up the great work and YOU have a Super day! Renia

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