The Super Health Diet By KC Craichy
    The Super Health Diet By KC Craichy
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      The Super Health Diet By KC Craichy

      The Definitive Work on Diets and Dieting

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    Widely acclaimed by a host of medical, nutritional, and fitness experts, KC Craichy's best-selling book, The Super Health Diet, The Last Diet You Will Ever Need, has been called “the most remarkable nutrition book of the twenty-first century” by Dr. Richard Lippman, who was a 1996 Nominee for the Nobel Prize in Medicine for his work in anti-aging.

    This book also takes a critical look at many of the most popular diets, exposing the pitfalls and detailing how they can leave the dieter exposed to gaining even more weight in the long run. KC worked with some of the top minds in the nutrition, medical, and fitness circles to develop a dynamic, no-nonsense approach to diet and health that is helping people of every age and every stage of health to supercharge their body, soul, and spirit!

    More words of praise for The Super Health Diet:

    • “a blueprint for a lifetime of nutritional success”
    • “improve your health, increase your resistance to disease, decrease your stress, slow aging and enjoy life to the fullest”
    • “debunks many of the marketing schemes that take advantage of so many consumers”
    • “a must-read for breaking the vicious cycle of disease”

    This 444 page book offers step-by-step instructions on how to make lasting changes to your diet and is complete with footnotes from some of the most respected medical authors and journals in the realm of health and nutrition.

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    ★★★★★ ★★★★★
    5.00/5 Stars out of 28 Reviews
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    Great Job, Mr. Craichy!
    Numerous Doctors praise the Super Health Diet and for good reason. Rather than trying to reinvent the wheel, the author chose sound, proven science over trendy fad diet advice. As a baby boomer , the anti-aging and antioxidant info made the purchase more than worth it. One of my favorite terms in this sometimes controversial book is super fats . This advice was tremendously comforting as I have been on more low fat diets than I care to remember. The Super Health Diet reveals how many popular diets fail because they are a temporary fix at best and at worst, dangerous to one's health. Pills and perscriptions: check Spas; check The Super Health Diet covers a broad range of health topics and isn't shy about telling the good, the bad and the downright dangerous, no matter who it offends. Finally, an honest, no holds barred diet book. Great job Mr Craichy.
    No Other Diet Book Comes Close!
    Once or twice a year I stand in bewildered confusion as I sift through the years new crop of diet books. I am told that vegan is great, or that high protein, no carb is best , or that a fruit flush diet is best. While I am ashamed to admit to how many of these en vogue diets I have actually tried, I freely admit that none have worked. It's almost enough to believe in a publishing conspiracy. Perhaps the publishers don't want any diet to succeed or they would have no customer base the following year! Many diet books proclaim that their diet will be the last one you will ever need. Thanks to the realistic and highly practical advice in the Super Health Diet, I'd be surprised if it didn't work for the long term for anyone that tries it, it's that good. Some very respected health professionals have endorsed SHD. Being somewhat of a diet book expert, or at least a heavy purchaser, I don't recall a diet book that comes close to the peer reviewed science found throughout SHD. Buy this book, follow the blueprint and live a leaner, healthier life!
    I Am 100% Confident In Recommending This Book!
    As a long time subscriber to Mike Adams' newsletter, I have come to rely on his recommendations. He rarely endorses a diet. His recommendation convinced me to give it a shot. What I found in The Super Health Diet is a book so jammed packed with information ( 400+ pages ) that I found an answer to most every lingering health question I had. This book isn't only about weight loss, although it is great for those needed to drop a few pounds. Author KC Craichy references numerous other health books and pioneers which he has drawn from. I read Testosterone for Life recently and was surprised to see it and other books given credit throughout this complete and compelling health book. I am 100% confident in recommending this book. Nikki
    A Refreshing Change!
    My dear friend and neighbor seems to always be on the newest and most publicized diet program. You name it, she has tried it. When she showed me her copy of The Super Health Diet I figured it would be yet another gimmick diet. I could not have been more wrong. It is a diet that I know can change my health and probably my neighbors as well. Best of all, it doesn't seem to have an agenda, a refreshing change among the diet books I have read over the last 5 years. Well done!
    The Super Health Diet is a Lifestyle
    Being diabetic since my 20's, I am careful about jumping on the newest fad diet. What impressed me most about The Super Health Diet is the comprehensive approach to health. It's really not a diet, it's a lifestyle plan that when followed, results in one reaching their optimum weight. Whether you have food allergies, dietary restrictions or a strong dislike for certain foods or exercises, it's not a problem with this diet as it offers numerous good choices from lists of high nutrition value foods. After reading the chapter on anti-aging, I've come to believe that it is more important to pay attention to what I am consuming in my diet than what I am buying at the Macy's cosmetic counter. Mr. Craichy, you've changed my health in the short term and can't wait to see what happens years from now

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