The Super Health Diet By KC Craichy
    The Super Health Diet By KC Craichy
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      The Super Health Diet By KC Craichy

      The Definitive Work on Diets and Dieting

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    Widely acclaimed by a host of medical, nutritional, and fitness experts, KC Craichy's best-selling book, The Super Health Diet, The Last Diet You Will Ever Need, has been called “the most remarkable nutrition book of the twenty-first century” by Dr. Richard Lippman, who was a 1996 Nominee for the Nobel Prize in Medicine for his work in anti-aging.

    This book also takes a critical look at many of the most popular diets, exposing the pitfalls and detailing how they can leave the dieter exposed to gaining even more weight in the long run. KC worked with some of the top minds in the nutrition, medical, and fitness circles to develop a dynamic, no-nonsense approach to diet and health that is helping people of every age and every stage of health to supercharge their body, soul, and spirit!

    More words of praise for The Super Health Diet:

    • “a blueprint for a lifetime of nutritional success”
    • “improve your health, increase your resistance to disease, decrease your stress, slow aging and enjoy life to the fullest”
    • “debunks many of the marketing schemes that take advantage of so many consumers”
    • “a must-read for breaking the vicious cycle of disease”

    This 444 page book offers step-by-step instructions on how to make lasting changes to your diet and is complete with footnotes from some of the most respected medical authors and journals in the realm of health and nutrition.

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    ★★★★★ ★★★★★
    5.00/5 Stars out of 28 Reviews
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    Just What the Doctor Ordered!
    KC's Book Super Health Dietis just what the doctor and the Lord ordered. Filled with great information from someone who walks the walk! Great work, KC!
    The Super Health Diet Book by KC Craichy is Awesome!
    The new Super Health Diet Book by K.C. Craichy is Awesome! I had questions and I needed answers and this book gave them to me. If you are like me (or the majority of us in the U.S.) you have struggled with trying to eat healthy, stay in shape and maintain your ideal weight. It was not until I read this book that I finally got my questions answered. K.C. goes into great length to review the most popular mainstream diets of our time and I would venture to guess that each and every one of us has tried at least two of them, without long term satisfying results. He explains what works and what does not and most importantly, why. His research, analysis, and knowledge of this subject are second to none. The information provided has been thoroughly researched and backed up with study after study down to the microbiology level. He also educates you on what the Super Health Diet and lifestyle should be and how to maintain it. This book can now be the one by which all other books are measured. The real secret to success is not just following a particular diet, but knowing how and why it works and what affects it has on your body and your overall health. A perfect example is the author's detailed explanation of the set point theory. As soon as I read about that in the book, it was like a revelation to me. That was it! I did not understand how and why my body did what it did until I read this. By following the guidelines of the Super Health Diet, I have lost approximately 30 pounds and have been able to maintain the weight loss and enjoy a healthy lifestyle. That is nothing short of miraculous with the hectic schedule that I maintain. I travel on more than 100 flights per year and practically live on the road in airports, restaurants, and hotels. This book, along with the author's other book, 7 Golden Keys to Unlock Lifelong Vitality, are constant travel companions with me on the road. This is a must have for every business traveler, pilot, flight attendant, coach, personal trainer, health practitioner, OK...everyone!!! I know it because I experience it each and every week. Everyone is rushing through airports with barely any time to make it to the next flight. The only choice is to stand in those long lines at the popular pizza, chicken, and burger joints and eat in 5 minutes at the gate or carry it on the plane. You know this as well because you see it too! This book and the knowledge within will help change all of that and get you on the road to Super Health! It is simply a must to have with you in your travels and in your home as well. I challenge you to make your life better by reading this book and telling others about it as well. You and your loved ones will be glad that you did. Enjoy! Brian
    This Diet Just Makes Sense!
    S. Rosen
    I'm a burgers and fries kind of guy and just saying the word diet is as difficult as eating broccoli for me, but, I was rejected for a good rate on a life insurance policy and needed to make some changes. One of my wife's friends learned about The Super Health Diet and one thing led to another and here I am, weeks into this diet. It's easier than I imagined and I feel great. I have resisted dieting before as I can't stomach the thought of tofu or eating incredible amounts or fiber! This diet just makes sense. If I get to my desired weight, I just might treat myself to a cheeseburger. If I do, author KC Craichy will be proud to know that now I would eat an organic, grass fed beef burger! S. Rosen
    The Diet To End All Diets!
    Seriously, if Oprah were to try The Super Health Diet instead of some of the fad diets she promotes, maybe she'd stay thin Oprah instead of the Oprah that fluctuates up and down so drastically in weight. I know, because I too have bounced up and down in lbs and health at the whim of the latest diet craze. As this book will likely not be on Oprah's recommended reading list, I wanted to be sure to write a positive review. If you buy only one diet book in your lifetime, make it this book. It works and you won't need another diet. Maybe they should have called it The Diet to End All Diets, Diet!
    This Is The Book I've Been Searching For!
    I recently tried the Eat Clean Diet and while it made sense, this is the book I have been searching for. If fad diets worked, I would have lost weight years ago. I almost believe there is a conspiracy to launch a new diet every year that doesn't work so that the masses will buy the latest/greates diet next year. I know I am not alone in this. The author is not a Dr., but he is a very wise man and has assembled the best advice and produced The Super Health Diet. On page 1SHD he addresses the loss of brain tissue. I must have lost a LOT of brain tissue over the years as I bought too many diet and health books. The cover says this is the last diet I will need, trust me, it is the last diet anyone that reads it will need. Incredible book!!!!! Kathie

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