The Super Health Diet By KC Craichy
    The Super Health Diet By KC Craichy
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      The Super Health Diet By KC Craichy

      The Definitive Work on Diets and Dieting

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    Widely acclaimed by a host of medical, nutritional, and fitness experts, KC Craichy's best-selling book, The Super Health Diet, The Last Diet You Will Ever Need, has been called “the most remarkable nutrition book of the twenty-first century” by Dr. Richard Lippman, who was a 1996 Nominee for the Nobel Prize in Medicine for his work in anti-aging.

    This book also takes a critical look at many of the most popular diets, exposing the pitfalls and detailing how they can leave the dieter exposed to gaining even more weight in the long run. KC worked with some of the top minds in the nutrition, medical, and fitness circles to develop a dynamic, no-nonsense approach to diet and health that is helping people of every age and every stage of health to supercharge their body, soul, and spirit!

    More words of praise for The Super Health Diet:

    • “a blueprint for a lifetime of nutritional success”
    • “improve your health, increase your resistance to disease, decrease your stress, slow aging and enjoy life to the fullest”
    • “debunks many of the marketing schemes that take advantage of so many consumers”
    • “a must-read for breaking the vicious cycle of disease”

    This 444 page book offers step-by-step instructions on how to make lasting changes to your diet and is complete with footnotes from some of the most respected medical authors and journals in the realm of health and nutrition.

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    ★★★★★ ★★★★★
    5.00/5 Stars out of 28 Reviews
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    Essential Reading for Anyone Who Cares About Their Body and Health
    In the first half of this book it concisely reviews every diet that exists and objectively provides the truth about each one. It then provides not just a diet but a fascinating discussion of the latest discoveries in the science of nutrition as it applies to our lives. Not just what to do but why you need to do it. The way the body works to absorb food to make bone, muscle and necessary fats. I cannot do things just because someone says so. I need the reason and the understanding of why I should do it. KC has provided this information in an easy to read book that is essential reading for anyone that cares about their body and health. This is the only book you need to understand why diets and the whole concept of a diet will not work. It is from the knowledge and understanding that this book provides that will create the understanding in each of us of what a healthy lifestyle is, then it is our responsibility to make the right choices. It is not about eating a non fat diet, grapefruit diet or another monoculture diet but is about making informed decisions about what to eat, drink and how we lives our lives. Thank you for the truth KC!
    This Book is in a League of Its Own!
    It takes a brash or very confident author to compare diet books and offer a better solution. In The Super Health Diet , that is exactly what author KC Craichy does. If fact, the very first chapter takes a critical but accurate look at numerous diets. Upon review of some of the real darlings of the weight loss industry, we soon realize that even the most popular diets of the last decade have serious flaws. The book doesn't dwell on the negative results of other diets. Instead, it quickly dives into fascinating examples and science that backs a better plan. Even the most jaded of health and diet book readers will find this book to be a refreshing change. If you're like me, you'll soon be shopping, eating and exercising differently. You might also sleep better and have better digestion along with reaching your optimal weight. When it comes to health/diet books, this book is in a league of it's own. Jennifer
    The Super Health Diet is a Prescription for Overall Health
    Kerrie H.
    Unlike South Beach, Atkins, Weight Watchers, etc. etc., The Super Health Diet is a prescripton for overall health, not just weight loss. My goal (probably yours, too) is a life full of energy, vitality and wellness, not just dropping a few pounds temporarily. This book is a manual do to just that. I enjoyed reading about the history of weight loss and the pioneers that shaped the industry. How incredible is it that America has the most weight loss programs, centers, books and resources yet we remain the fattest, unhealthiest population? There's got to be a better way. The Super Health Diet lays out the plan! Thank you, KC! Kerrie Hoening, Tampa FL
    Everyone Should Own This Book!
    A quote in the Super Health Diet says The greatest wealth is health. If that is true, then this book is the treasure map. Many of the health books I have read tend to pick some unique angle ( do you remember the cookie diet or grapefruit diets? ). In Super Health Diet, author KC Craichy tackles numerous health issues and their possible causes and prevention. Not a strict weight loss play, this book also addresses weight loss but not as a rapid loss diet that leaves one starving. Instead, it's a diet that takes the reader on a healthy, sustainable path to reach a weight they can maintain. It's all part of the authors somewhat unique, but totally logical approach to living with optimal health. Craichy does an excellent job of showing just how dangerous extra weight can be and how it relates to a host of serious illnesses. Everyone should own this book!
    Super on Every Page!
    All kidding aside, if every home owned a copy of The Super Health Diet , we would cease to be an overweight, unhealthy nation. That may sound like a bit of a stretch but the wealth of research-backed science dwarfs every other diet book ever written. Author KC Craichy has seamlessly compiled keys to not only losing weight, but maintaining an ideal weight for life. Good bye yo-yo dieting, hello rock solid, practical advice. If you like this book as much as I do, you'll turn to it as a reference daily. While it is a diet book and can certainly help with weight loss, it is so much more. The SHD is a life diet, Not only should every home own a copy, but there should be a high school and college program based on this book. I was skeptical of the term Super in the title, but after reading it, twice, I concur that it is Super on every page, all 400+ Alan

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