The Super Health Diet By KC Craichy
    The Super Health Diet By KC Craichy
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      The Super Health Diet By KC Craichy

      The Definitive Work on Diets and Dieting

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    Widely acclaimed by a host of medical, nutritional, and fitness experts, KC Craichy's best-selling book, The Super Health Diet, The Last Diet You Will Ever Need, has been called “the most remarkable nutrition book of the twenty-first century” by Dr. Richard Lippman, who was a 1996 Nominee for the Nobel Prize in Medicine for his work in anti-aging.

    This book also takes a critical look at many of the most popular diets, exposing the pitfalls and detailing how they can leave the dieter exposed to gaining even more weight in the long run. KC worked with some of the top minds in the nutrition, medical, and fitness circles to develop a dynamic, no-nonsense approach to diet and health that is helping people of every age and every stage of health to supercharge their body, soul, and spirit!

    More words of praise for The Super Health Diet:

    • “a blueprint for a lifetime of nutritional success”
    • “improve your health, increase your resistance to disease, decrease your stress, slow aging and enjoy life to the fullest”
    • “debunks many of the marketing schemes that take advantage of so many consumers”
    • “a must-read for breaking the vicious cycle of disease”

    This 444 page book offers step-by-step instructions on how to make lasting changes to your diet and is complete with footnotes from some of the most respected medical authors and journals in the realm of health and nutrition.

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    ★★★★★ ★★★★★
    5.00/5 Stars out of 28 Reviews
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    Filled With Good Information!
    This book was a very interesting book to read and most of it was in layman's terms so I could understand it. For a diet book I found that it was filled with a lot of good information. Lorelle
    Important Science Behind Diets!
    A good book. Lots of science, hurt my brain to read a little. Had to re-read sections to understand. Followed some stuff and it seemed to have the effect that was described in the book. It is written by a person with a supplement business, so it advertises that quite a bit. The first half explaining different diet trends is a good reference and it doesn't say all of them are bad. The second half is the recommended diet, which includes mostly whole foods, supplements and some exercising tips along with the science of everything. It is pretty good, at least nothing is dumbed down (as in most of the diet books I've read). But I do want to see a coupon in the book for the supplements that covers the price of the book since I kind of feel like I paid to be advertised to. Overall, good to explain all of the diets you've tried or wanted to try. Good for science behind diets.
    This Is An Invaluable Book!
    Rarely does a book with Diet in the title address a complete and synergistic approach to wellness and indeed, Super health. The authors thorough description of of exercise, diet, nutrition, sleep, hydration, stress and so much more, make this book truly unique and in my opinion, elevated among health and diet books. My family has readily embraced author KC Craichy's recipe for optimal health. For those willing to learn, or un-learn common perceptions about health, this book will prove invaluable! Joe
    Buy This Book!
    I was familiar with author KC Craichy from his first book, Super Health, the 7 golden keys. My initial concern was that the Super Health Diet would be a rehash of the original book. While some of the original content is present, the new book has so much more information. Our family has a history of diabetes and dementia and we strive to do all we can to eat healthy and limit big pharma drugs. Surprisingly, these 2 diseases, along with many others, are covered in The Super Health Diet. The authors wholistic approach to disease prevention is timely. And, yes, it is also a diet as in weight loss. Unlike pure weight loss books, this diet book takes that uses a complete regimen of nutrition, sleep,, stress reduction, proper hydration, super foods, super antioxidants and so much more to create a healthy plan. I didn't think it would be possible to build significantly on his very good previous book, but Mr. Craichy has done it. If your family or any loved one, neighbor, co-worker , etc is not living with optimal health, buy them this book!!!
    When It Comes to Health/Diet Books, This Book is in a League of Its Own!
    It takes a brash or very confident author to compare diet books and offer a better solution. In The Super Health Diet, that is exactly what author KC Craichy does. If fact, the very first chapter takes a critical but accurate look at numerous diets. Upon review of some of the real darlings of the weight loss industry, we soon realize that even the most popular diets of the last decade have serious flaws. The book doesn't dwell on the negative results of other diets. Instead, it quickly dives into fascinating examples and science that backs a better plan. Even the most jaded of health and diet book readers will find this book to be a refreshing change. If you're like me, you'll soon be shopping, eating and exercising differently. You might also sleep better and have better digestion along with reaching your optimal weight. When it comes to health/diet books, this book is in a league of its own.

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