Is krill oil really superior to fish oil or is the marketing hype unfounded? That's what you will learn in this important video.

Understanding Supplements

Krill Oil is today's trendy new supplement. You many not realize that krill oil is actually sourced from a tiny shellfish that is a staple in the diet of many whale species. The buzz is fueled largely by cagey marketers looking to quickly separate you from your money with heady promises. Advertisements, articles and so-called "experts" tout krill oil as the far-superior alternative to antiquated and less-effective fish oil.

Does krill oil really yield all the hyped health benefits? Is it many times "more powerful" than fish oil? Is fish oil now obsolete? What does the scientific evidence say?

Today on LivingFuelTV, host KC Craichy slices through the arctic cold, krill-saturated waters and sheds an impassioned ray of light and truth.

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