More information of how cholesterol from eggs affects your health.

Healthy Eating

Here in the United States, typical breakfast food options include grain-based, sugar-infused doughnuts, muffins, pancakes, waffles, biscuits and cereals. Conventional medicine and media outlets have done a great job of slandering the EGG, linking eggs to high cholesterol and the killer heart disease. We've been unwittingly programmed to associated eggs with risk of dying from heart disease! Is this actually true?

Findings from new studies are emerging that tell us that egg consumption is actually a indicator of good health! Today on a new episode of LivingFuelTV, I'll look at an important Danish study (the country, not the breakfast pastry) on egg consumption and health markers. The study's findings, coupled with a different look at cholesterol, may just have you looking at the much maligned egg in a whole different light.

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