It's important to know what happens to you when you get the flu shot.


It's easy to tell when 'cold and flu season' is here, just look at the numerous signs prominently displayed at local drugstores, urgent-care clinics, even supermarkets, offering quick, inexpensive (and often free) flu shots to protect you and your family from the dreaded seasonal flu. Things that are advertised the most are often the largest waste of your hard-earned money. Does this apply to the heavily advertised flu shot? Does your immune system really need the 'assistance' of the annual "flu shot" to battle the flu?

Join KC Craichy for an information-packed, must-see HealthAlert. We'll explore what exactly is a flu shot, how it "works" and we'll investigate how effective was last year's flu shot. You'll also learn many of the troubling ingredients in the vaccination.

We urge you to educate yourself before making the decision to get a flu shot.

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