Learn why exercise that leaves you out of breath is a good thing.


Last week on LivingFuelTV, we introduced you to High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) a proven form of exercise that we've been speaking and writing about for years. HIIT is a short duration workout where you go at an all-out effort for a short period, rest, then repeat 7-10 times. Studies and research are piling up on the remarkable benefits of HIIT.

While you may not be physically ready for an all-out sprint up a staircase, there are steady "steps" you can take toward this effort. Remember: the journey is the destination! In fact, startly slowly and building fitness over a longer period of time may actually be more beneficial than quicker results. Consistent and gradual fitness gains tend to re-program your mind and solidify a new, healthy lifestyle that reaps physical benefits for years!

After last week's episode, we've been asked How do I get started safely and in proportion to my fitness level? The answer is the topic of today's episode.

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