Medical radiation is a concern for all but there are things you can do to protect yourself.


You're leaning back in the dental chair, biting down on a plastic bit and staring up at a buzzing fluorescent light, the smell of fluoride in the air around you. An efficient dental technician plunks a bulky 25-pound lead flak jacket across your chest (to presumably protect your vital organs), then rotates a wall-mounted x-ray machine to within inches of your brain. She scurries behind a protective wall and calls out to advise nearby staff that the x-ray machine is engaged. Have you ever given much thought to the long term effects that this radiation exposure could do to your health?

Dentists, dentistry and medical diagnostics can be extremely important and in some cases even life-saving. However, there is a dark side to medical radiation as it is increasingly over-prescribed and is especially dangerous to our children.

Of course, there are valid reasons to have various medical diagnostic procedures. However, it is increasingly important that we not blindly accept our practitioner's recommendations without doing our own research. We must take matters of health into our own hands and be well-informed consumers.

We urge you to educate yourself on the risks of any procedure that you agree to undergo. There are simple steps you can take to protect yourself, along with safer alternatives to some of the most commonly prescribed medical tests.

Watch and Learn
In today's Video HealthAlert, we present some startling research that could change your thinking about what you may have always considered to be routine in your doctor's office including x-rays, CT scans and mammograms. Join us as we discuss how your thyroid is at the greatest risk from medical radiation. We also show how to apply nuclear fallout protocol prior to being exposed to medical radiation by using a simple nutritional approach to protect your thyroid. By the way, if you find yourself in the dentist's chair with the x-ray jacket across your chest, be sure and pull it up to your chin to shield your thyroid.

After clicking the graphic below and watching the video, feel free to browse the links we've posted that offer you a host of references and known diagnostic alternatives to help you conduct your own research and reach your own conclusions.

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