Pink is in when it comes to breast cancer awareness but there is more to the subject than looking for a cure.


Pink-bottled energy shots, pink pizza boxes, pink recyclable grocery bags, pink buckets of fast-food fried chicken, even pro football players and kids in youth football are wearing pink.

You can't miss the ubiquitous pink color everywhere each October, National Breast Cancer Awareness Month (founded in 1985 as a partnership of the American Cancer Society and a major pharmaceutical company).

It may come as a surprise to know that healthy lifestyle habits and diet have been clinically shown in a significant number of studies to substantially reduce the risk of breast and other cancers that plague our modern society, as much as 80%! The successful fund-raising activities of various pink ribbon organizations have raised well over a billion dollars to spend on the "cure", however, little substantial progress has been made.

In today's LivingFuelTV's HealthAlert, I challenge your thinking about supporting organizations that, while noble in their intentions, prey on our emotions and our altruistic desires to do something to effect the "cure". And we're led to believe that the "cure" (actually, a pharmaceutical cure) is just around the corner.

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