There are steps you can take now that increase your chances of not having to fight cancer later.


Imagine that a new pharmaceutical drug is released to the public amidst a flood of news reports and television advertising. This pill has been has been clinically and conclusively proven to dramatically reduce the risk of breast cancer by as much as 80%. Do you think this would be a popular prescription?

It may come as a surprise to know that healthy lifestyle habits and diet have been clinically shown in a significant number of studies to substantially reduce the risk of breast and other cancers that plague our modern society. A vast majority of the fund-raising activities for the pink ribbon organizations are rooted in good people with noble intentions, however, with over a billion dollars spent on the "cure", little progress has been made in this fight.

In this LivingFuelTV HealthAlert, we turn our attention from awareness to prevention. Join us as we explore key factors that increase women's risk and those factors that decrease the risk of breast cancer. This is vital information you are not likely to hear from conventional medicine.

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