Practical tips you can use to help you enjoy holiday feasts without regret.

Healthy Eating

Welcome to the Holiday season! November marks the beginning of colder temperatures, neighborhood lights (and elaborate yard inflatables), parties, dinners, candies, cookies, pies and other tasty treats. For those of us consciously striving for Super Health for ourselves and our families, the holiday season poses unique and often difficult challenges. For example, how do I successfully navigate the Thanksgiving table? How do I maintain motivation to stay active as the weather outside turns frigid? Is there a way to eat in the hours before the party that will help?

Today on LivingFuelTV, I'll share with you practical tips to prepare yourself (and your digestive system) for the holiday feasts ahead. And let's all be thankful this holiday season for the abundance our gracious Creator and faithful Provider has blessed us with. May we be found wise stewards of His many gifts - especially our health!

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