A diabetes diagnosis should not be taken lightly.


Despite messages we receive from conventional medicine, even Diabetic Living magazine (complete with enticing cover photos of cakes, cookies and other sweet treats), diabetes is a gravely serious diagnosis and should be treated as an emergency. It's a death sentence, but a sentence that you can reverse in the case of Type 2 diabetes, and manage in the case of Type 1 diabetes. How? By using information, education, and a steely resolve to not "live with" diabetes. You'll often hear diabetics refer to "my diabetes" as if they own it. Let's think and live differently!

Today on LivingFuelTV with KC Craichy, learn the important distinctions between pre-diabetes, Type 1 diabetes, Type 2 diabetes, and the newly-coined Type 3 diabetes. Also, you'll learn steps you can take today to help your body reverse diabetes or prevent you from becoming a diabetic statistic in the first place.

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