Everyone can use a good night's sleep - here's how.


Ahhh, the wonders of sleep. While our conscious minds slumber, our incredible bodies are at work rebuilding, restoring and rejuvenating! Sleep restores energy to the body, particularly to the brain and nervous system. The heartbeat and breathing rate slow down, blood pressure falls, muscles relax, and the overall metabolic rate of the body decreases. Simply put, the better we sleep, the healthier we are, the better we perform, and the longer we live.

In today's practical episode of LivingFuelTV with host KC Craichy, learn why sleep is so important and take away practical tips you can do tonight to improve the quality of your sleep. Also, you'll discover some inexpensive and widely available natural supplements that may dramatically improve your zzzz's! Consider also forwarding today's episode to a loved one that is struggling with sleep. The four minutes you invest with LivingFuelTV today may add hours to your sleep this week!

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