Learn how caring for your body will help you achieve things others thought were impossible.


Imagine on your 16th birthday you are presented with an incredible gift—choose any car, regardless of cost, and it's yours, for free! There's just one catch. This will be the only car you'll ever own. It's safe to assume that you'd care for your new vehicle with only the very best preventative maintenance, the top grade oil, high-octane gasoline, even the best windshield wiper fluid! This treasured car is a very good metaphor for your body—both are extraordinary gifts, both require excellent care and attention, and both are the only ones we receive in our lifetime.

Today on LivingFuelTV, we continue our inspiring series Fueling Olympic Dreams with Manny Huerta of the United States men's Olympic triathlon team and the 2011 USA Triathlon Elite Athlete of the Year. In our episode, Manny explains how he realized his body was like a high-performance race car and how he begin to treat it as such. The results helped Manny complete his "best race ever" and achieve his lifelong dream of competing in the Olympics. He'll swim, bike, and run for gold next month in the London 2012 Summer Olympic Games.

We all want to live high performance lives and perform at top efficiency. What Manny learned to help him perform his best, may just help you perform your best.

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