It take talent, dedication and a willingness to prepare your body to succeed in professional baseball.


As summer is winding down, Major League Baseball pennant races are heating up! We're excited to begin a three-part interview with J.D. Drew, All-Star right fielder with the Boston Red Sox and LivingFuel enthusiast since 2004. Did you know that the average Major League Baseball player's career lasts just six years? This year marks J.D.'s eleventh season in the big leagues. He attributes this longevity in part to his dedicated LivingFuel regimen.

In today's segment, J.D. joins me and shares his LivingFuel protocol and how it sustains his energy levels, helps reduce inflammation, aids in his recovery and helps him avoid nutritional pitfalls on the road. If LivingFuel performs this well for J.D., an elite athlete, imagine what it can do for you! Click on the graphic below to watch and feel free to forward this message to the baseball fans in your life!

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