A tasty smoothie with the nutritional power of SuperEssentials® Micros.

The fruit, cinnamon and stevia give this smoothie some sweetness to counter the unflavored Micros and Aminos.

SuperEssentials® Micros

2 cups of organic carageenen free cashew milk
1 scoop SuperEssentials® Micros
1 scoop of SuperEssentials® Aminos
2 pitted organic dates
1/2 frozen organic banana
Tablespoon each of goji berries and mulberries
1/2 packet Living Fuel CocoChia Snack Mix
1 drop hazelnut stevia
1 drop cinnamon essential oil or a dash of powdered cinnamon
1 tablespoon organic hemp hearts
1 teaspoon organic MCT oil
Mix in a blender until smooth and enjoy!

Submitted but Dr. Marlene Siegel

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