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Archives for April, 2024

Cranberries Give Competitive Runners a Boost

Cranberries might be what you need to improve your athletic performance.

Researchers at Concordia University in Montreal found the simple technique of adding cranberries to the diets of highly competitive runners was able to boost their performance.

, April 01, 2024

Exercise is Helpful in Beating Chronic Pain

The way to deal with pain might be to just keep moving.

New research from Norway says staying physically active can increase a person's pain tolerance and reduce the risk of and possibly the effects of chronic pain.

, April 08, 2024

Weight Training Helps Seniors Defeat Anxiety and Depression

More seniors may start to lift weights as a result of this new study.

New research from Brazil shows weight training can improve the mental health of seniors, especially those who suffer from anxiety and depression.

, April 15, 2024

Red Cabbage Improves Intestinal Health

Red cabbage could be what you need to improve your IBD symptoms.

Researchers from the University of Missouri found the juice from red cabbage was able to alleviate inflammation-associated digestive health issues in laboratory mice.

, April 22, 2024

Enjoying Nature Linked to Lower Inflammation

Maybe doctors can start giving prescriptions for people to experience nature to help with inflammation.

Researchers at Cornell University found that more frequent positive contact with nature was associated with lower circulating levels of three different indicators of inflammation.

, April 29, 2024

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