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Archives for March, 2024

Increasing Youth Sports Participation Could Save Billions

Getting kids to play sports when they are young increases the chances they will be healthier later in life.

Researchers at City University of New York say by increasing participation to targeted levels by 2030 could improve physical and mental health of many children and save as much as $80 billion in direct medical costs and productivity losses.

, March 04, 2024

Good Sleep Stimulates Immunity

Why getting some good sleep helps hen you are sick.

Scientists believe they now we know why sleep helps when you are sick as new research from Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich in Germany shows what happens to the immune system when someone gets good sleep.

, March 11, 2024

Fiber Supplements Improve Brain Function

New study shows fiber is for more than digestion.

Scientists at King's College London found daily fiber supplements were able to improve brain function in people over the age of 60 in just 12 weeks.

, March 18, 2024

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