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Good Sleep Stimulates Immunity

Why getting some good sleep helps hen you are sick.

Scientists believe they now we know why sleep helps when you are sick as new research from Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich in Germany shows what happens to the immune system when someone gets good sleep.

, March 11, 2024

Deep Sleep Appears to Protect Against Dementia

Deep sleep is good for the brain.

Scientists at Monash University in Australia have found found that deep sleep, also known as slow-wave sleep, may prevent dementia.

, November 06, 2023

Napping Linked to Larger Brain Volume

Napping may be the key to keeping your brain healthy.

A new study from University College London has found regular daytime napping may help preserve brain health by slowing the rate of brain shrinkage during the aging process.

, July 10, 2023

Junk Food Messes With Your Sleep

Don't junk up your food unless you want to junk up your sleep.

Researchers at Uppsala University found eating an unhealthy diet affected the quality of the sleep of their study participants.

, June 19, 2023

Irregular Sleep Tied to High Blood Pressure

If you care about your blood pressure you need to care about your sleep.

Research from Australia shows the chance for high blood pressure increases dramatically for every hour of sleep lost or for major shifts in regular sleep patterns, especially among overweight, middle-aged men.

, April 17, 2023

Less Sleep Equates to More Eating for Children

Children who sleep less eat more food and more junk.

Researchers at the University of Otago in New Zealand have found as little as 40 minutes less of sleep during the night can trigger big changes in eating the next day.

, March 20, 2023

Weighted Blankets Increase Melatonin Production

Weighted blankets can help you sleep better.

New research from Uppsala University in Sweden shows weighted blankets increase melatonin levels during sleep.

, October 10, 2022

Research Shows the Sleepy are More Stingy

Sleep affects more than your physical health.

New research from the University of California at Berkeley shows a lack of sleep can inhibit your social conscience and make you less willing to help others and be more stingy with your money.

, September 18, 2022

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